grain giant mobile grain bin with increased field storage

Grain Giant™

The Vale Grain Giant™ is the evolution of decades of experience combined with a vision to drive efficiency at harvest time. The Grain Giant™ was designed for the producer who is looking to increase productivity on their farm. Built to withstand the harshest environments with heavy-duty materials and ingenious design, the mobile grain bin Grain Giant™ has been field-proven in Australia and is now successfully in use for harvest 2020 in North America.

  • Up to 550 Bu/Min
  • 6500 Bushel field storage capacity
  • Up to 13′ 9″ auger reach
  • 45º adjustable discharge spout
grain giant portable grain bin schematic


The Vale Grain Giant™ is designed to maximize harvest efficiency
  • Increased combine capacity by eliminating the need to slow down to wait for haul truck availability
  • Increased safety as truck driver can follow a steady rhythm in load/haul/unload while combine or grain cart unloads into Grain Giant™
  • Increased holding capacity to haul grain directly to terminal, while combines run at peak efficiency
  • Increased blending capabilities
  • Reduce wear and tear on tractor and cart by running at
    a safe and steady pace – takes out the spikes
  • Reduced labor force requirements
  • Reduced number of trucks hauling
  • Reduced soil compaction by using smaller grain carts and tractors
  • Reduced pressure to speed back to the field or the storage yard


  • Three-year structural limited warranty
  • Tandem suspension ensures a smooth ride for transport, benefiting the operator and stopping any bin fatigue
  • Flotation tires assist with transport across soft fields, while reducing compaction
  • Front and rear flow adjustable grain doors allow the operator to control speed of grain flow
  • Full length clean-out doors
  • Light kit for enhanced night vision
  • Camera kit for easy viewing and monitoring
  • Remote control kit for easy operation
  • Adjustable poly-spout to ensure the grain flows exactly where it should
  • Height adjustable drawbar to assist the operator in transportation through approaches and uneven ground
  • Full length unobstructed internal walkways ensuring operator safety, convenience, and ease of clean-out
  • 22” auger for a more efficient unload capacity
  • Sight windows to ensure the operator can monitor from a distance
  • Side access door for ease of clean-out
  • Easy to operate roll tarp

Technical Specifications

Capacity 6500 bushels
Overall Width 14′ 10″
Overall Height 14′ 2″
Overall Length 61′ 4″
Length of Body 50′ 10″
Auger – Discharge Rate 550 bushels/minute
Discharge Height 15′ 2″
Tires 700/50 x 26.5
Load in Height 13′


Optional Features

  • Heavy Duty Braked Axles

  • Load Cells

  • Matched Color Wrap