Wheel Handling

Wheel Wrangler©

Wheel Wrangler© Reduces Manpower And Safety Risk

Handle all your large tire changes the easy way with a front-end loader or forklift. Rotate your tires with ease to align bolt holes and studs.With the combination of the Wheel Wrangler© and Sprayer Jack we have reduced our wheel change time to 10 minutes per wheel on our high clearance sprayer and we are much safer doing it.

Minimum Tire Diameter 42 ” (1067mm)
Maximum Tire Diameter 82 ” (2083mm)
Maximum Tire Width 28 ¾” (730mm)
Maximum Load 1700 lbs (770kg)

Castor Kit option available. The ‘Castor Kit’ option allows the Wheel Wrangler© to be manually moved on smooth shop floors.


Sprayer Jack

In combination with our Wheel Wrangler© our Sprayer Jack provides a fast, safe and easy way to make multiple tire changes on your high clearance sprayer. Our Jack has a large height adjustment range, high load rating, heavy duty construction, and large tires for easy movement. Vale does not supply hydraulic bottle jack.

Loading Rating 12,000 lbs
Minimum Height  44 ¾” (1137mm)
Maximum Height  68 1/16″ (1729mm)

Strut Lock

Strut Lock for John Deere sprayers are available that:

  • Allows sprayer suspension to be locked in place when lifting sprayer
  • Available in two models – Single strut and Dual strut models



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