Our Story

Historical timeline of Vale Industries growth and development

Vale Industries finds its roots on the 125 year old Halford family farm near Indian Head, Saskatchewan. Named Vale for “valley”, use of the name originated with the farm business in 1974. In the 80’s and 90’s Vale Farms became known as the home of Conserva PakTM, Jim Halfords’ patented zero till seed opener.

Conserva PakTM was the primary business until 2007, when John Deere purchased the intellectual property while maintaining contract manufacturing at Vale.

By 2009 business ownership evolved to Chris Halford through the formation of Vale Solutions. Vale Solutions’ primary business evolved to include our current agricultural products and contract manufacturing. Vale Solutions developed and manufactured hopper cones and wheel handling equipment to complement their Conserva Pak seeder parts and contract manufacturing service.

In 2002 Grant Halford started ZJ Solutions, as consulting engineers specializing in bulk materials handling equipment for the mining industry. ZJ grew and evolved into a supplier of custom equipment and systems for major mining and aggregate operations in the prairies.

By 2012 Vale Solutions was contract manufacturing equipment for ZJ projects, combining the strengths of both companies. Finding their mix of expertise and experience to have a natural synergy, ZJ Solutions and Vale Solutions were joined to form Vale Industries in 2014. 2015 sees us delivering JD1870 seeder parts and introducing Aggregate conveyor products.

Although the nature and scope of operations has grown exponentially over 40 years the roots still run deep in the valley southeast of Indian Head on the family farm.